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I could absolutely make this the longest post in the history of the world …

Anyway, today was Orientation, or “Welcome Day,” and it definitely lived up to its reputation.  Three hours chockablock with information, schedules, syllabi, nurses, professors, administrators, students … all 130 or so of us crammed into an auditorium where the seats were built for the folks of centuries ago.  Seriously, I felt sorry for S and K sitting on either side of me.  And I’m not a large person, per se.  I do run 6’3″ and might or might not have freakishly long arms, but mostly I think I’m in proportion.  However, I believe K’s quote as we sat down was, “Oh my gosh, look at your legs, you’re a giant!”  Well, yes.  Yes I am.  When compared with those seats I certainly am.

So they basically filled our nervous little minds with loads of info, most of which we’ll probably get wrong in the coming days.  But that’s ok, because they said they’ll cut us some slack.

Some observations from today:

  1. If you give a large crowd of people the tiniest bit of wiggle room to start talking … the crowd will pounce on that opportunity like me at a Slurpee machine.
  2. Our clinical instructor, Mrs. S., is going to be one super-cool woman.
  3. I do not appreciate when instructors simply read their PowerPoint slides to us.
  4. For my clinical rotations, I will have to remove my necklace, which I have worn for about 4 years without ever taking it off.  This makes me sad for some reason, even though I have no real sentimental attachment to it.
  5. Everyone at school seems extremely proud — the place is dripping with school spirit.

In other news … in preparation for our clinical rotations, which are set to begin in about a month, we have September to get ready — learning all the necessary skills that we’ll use in the clinical setting.  I think I mentioned some of these before in a previous post.  During this month, we’ll have Lab Sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (in addition to one online course, several Monday classes, and 1 or 2 Tuesday classes).  Some days we’ll have lecture in the morning, then a break for lunch, then lab in the afternoon.  And vice versa.  Sprinkled in there are a few orientations to select programs, such as the Mentoring Program, which I’ll explain in a later post; or an introduction to learning how to use our PDDs (Personal Digital Devices) for maximum benefit.

Tonight I spent a few hours preparing for tomorrow’s Lab by reviewing the videos I alluded to earlier.  This entailed reading about different aspects (eg, Shaving a Male Patient, Making Beds, Bathing Patients, etc), watching a short video on the correct method, and then taking a quiz to ensure we had remembered the basic parts.  This is something new to me, as this is all done online.  When I was in school last, most of this would have been unheard of, so it’s eye-opening (and somewhat refreshing, in a strange, technological way) to be doing a lot of our work this way.  Luckily for me, being the somewhat tactile learner that I am, practicing on mannequins and the other nursing students will lay for me a more solid foundation for when they push us out the door into the hospitals.

More information to come after my first Lab tomorrow!

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So we’re scheduled to start on Tuesday, September 1, with an Orientation from 2PM-5PM.  Classes then start on Wednesday, September 2.

However, K (another student) texted me last night and said, “Open your e-mail, we have homework already!”  I believe my reply was, “Whaaaaaa?”  Anyway, sure enough, we do have homework.  Most of it involves our lab skills, where we’re set to learn the basic skills a nurse needs to know.  Part of the assignment is to review some videos on DVD, and then take quizzes to test ourselves on these videos.  This is all due on September 2, ie, the day after Orientation.

Some of the video lessons include:

  • Shaving a Male Patient
  • Cleaning Dentures
  • Performing Nail and Foot Care
  • Making an Occupied Bed
  • Performing a Complete or Partial Bed Bath
  • Performing Oral Hygiene for an Unconscious Patient

And so on …

No rest for the weary, but I’m ridiculously excited to start.

I’m pretty much all set to begin school.  The only things I still need to do are 1) complete the dental insurance form; 2) ensure my sparkling white shoes come in the mail in time; and 3) get Mom to sew on the patch to the upper-right sleeve of my lab coat (I know, I need to learn how to do this).  Other than that, everything else is all squared away.

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