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So we’re scheduled to start on Tuesday, September 1, with an Orientation from 2PM-5PM.  Classes then start on Wednesday, September 2.

However, K (another student) texted me last night and said, “Open your e-mail, we have homework already!”  I believe my reply was, “Whaaaaaa?”  Anyway, sure enough, we do have homework.  Most of it involves our lab skills, where we’re set to learn the basic skills a nurse needs to know.  Part of the assignment is to review some videos on DVD, and then take quizzes to test ourselves on these videos.  This is all due on September 2, ie, the day after Orientation.

Some of the video lessons include:

  • Shaving a Male Patient
  • Cleaning Dentures
  • Performing Nail and Foot Care
  • Making an Occupied Bed
  • Performing a Complete or Partial Bed Bath
  • Performing Oral Hygiene for an Unconscious Patient

And so on …

No rest for the weary, but I’m ridiculously excited to start.

I’m pretty much all set to begin school.  The only things I still need to do are 1) complete the dental insurance form; 2) ensure my sparkling white shoes come in the mail in time; and 3) get Mom to sew on the patch to the upper-right sleeve of my lab coat (I know, I need to learn how to do this).  Other than that, everything else is all squared away.

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