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  1. I used to assume there was no better way to brew a cup of coffee than a percolator (1980s-style Farberware), but now I’m starting to seriously doubt that assumption.
  2. I have a slight obsession with bathrooms.  How they’re built.  What kind of shower heads they have.  The angles of privacy.  It’s all fascinating.
  3. Jack Reacher is pretty much the most badass hero of all the smart thrillers I’ve read.  Six-feet-five, 250 pounds, blue eyes, blond hair, forearms like massive slabs of Virginia ham, smart, resourceful, polite … and Tom Cruise is playing him in the movies.  Tom Cruise!  Worst casting ever.
  4. Autumn is, by far, the best season in the history of the world.  At least on the East Coast.  Spring comes 2nd, followed closely by summer, and bringing up the rear (the far rear) is winter, which has its few moments.
  5. I traveled to Ocean City, MD, last Sunday evening to see a cover band called Mr. Greengenes.  Even after almost 18 years, they never get old.  Such a great rock show.

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