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  1. I am done with my telemetry rotation in the CCU.  I feel pretty good about this, and feel like I learned a lot about how to be a good nurse.
  2. After a few hundred hours in the hospital, I finally removed my first foley catheter in a patient tonight.  How did it take that long?
  3. Nurses who show me how to do things are awesome.  Nurses who instruct me how to do things are awesomer.
  4. I think a good name for a band is “Vasolex to the Max.”
  5. I am now an expert in making a bed with a human being in it.
  6. You may think Pepsi Slurpees are indistinguishable from Coke Slurpees … but you’d be wrong.
  7. The best way to tell you’re finally comfortable with a hospital floor is when you know just how to hold the styrofoam cup under the ice machine so the ice doesn’t spray all over the floor.
  8. Over the last 6 weeks, people have told me I look like Fred Savage, Tom Hanks, and the dude who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.
  9. There’s no real good way to ask a patient when his last bowel movement was … so ya just have to ask it.
  10. It feels ridiculously great, as a student nurse, when you can help teach a patient’s family something about their loved one’s disease.

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In non-nursing news on the NurseKenny front …

This morning I joined some of the other student government folks from our esteemed university, and we ventured up into North Philly (only a bit) to take part in a little service project for a group called Philabundance.  They act as a food distribution center for the needy in our city, whether they be homeless or the working poor.  Very cool outfit — I’d highly suggest volunteering for them if you’re looking to do some service work.

Anyway, we worked from about 9-12 or so, and our sole job was scooping cereal (Frosted Mini-Wheats, to be exact) into these little Ziploc bags.  Six of these bags, each weighing 1.5 lbs., were stickered with ingredient labels, stuffed into a cardboard box, and put on a pallet for distribution.  Apparently our group (8 of us from the university plus a dozen or so other folks) packed over 3,000 lbs. of food this morning.  Wooo!  Met some cool people (Yo to B, A2, and D … hey, incidentally, that spells “BAD!”) and hung out with some folks I already knew (Yo to L3, A3, K3, and M3 … I need to start a legend with people’s abbreviated BlogNames — can’t keep anyone straight anymore).  Some highlights from this morning:

  • We decided that some people were getting gipped, because some of the bags contained 0.05 lbs. of actual cereal, and about 1.45 lbs. of Frosted Mini-Wheat Dust Powder (which we assumed is easily inhaled into the bronchial passages … nursing nerds).
  • The Dust Powder reminded us of that stuff you put in the bottom of your guinea pig cage.
  • And now I’ve effectively ensured that no one will ever again eat Frosted Mini-Wheats.

And later in the day … Tonight L2 and I went over to a local comedy club in the city — we’ve been fans for a long time of the headlining act … a fella by the name of Gary Gulman.  Saw him in Atlantic City a few years back and fractured 3 ribs laughing all night.  We decided tonight would be our 2nd time seeing him.

My favorite line of his, ever ever?  When he’s talking about cookies, in a bit called “The Hierarchy of Cookies,” and says:

Dear sugar cookie … let me tell you a little something … every cookie … is a sugar cookie.  A cookie without sugar … is a cracker.

Pure comedy gold, I say, pure gold.

Anyway, back to our story.  We didn’t have tickets, and I (foolishly) thought we could get them easily at the box office the night of.  Mistake #1.  Sold out completely.  But these sweet, sweet people we met had 2 extra tickets they were willing to sell to us for the low price of face value.  So of course we took ’em up on that delicious offering.  We were seated at stage left, right at the front of the stage.

  1. First comedian:  very funny, understated, cerebral humor.  Grade:  A-.
  2. Second comedian:  not very funny, in-your-face comedy.  Grade:  C+.  (I’m a very harsh critic with astronomical expectations.)
  3. Third comedian:  very funny, hilarious even.  Gary Gulman.  Grade:  A-.


Seated directly behind us were 5 of Philly’s finest citizens.  And by finest, I mean undeniably obnoxious.  A sampling of what L2 and I heard all night:

COMEDIAN:  “Funny funny funny blah blah hilarious joke that’s funny blah blah.”

OBNOXIOUS PERSON #1:  “Oh my gawd that’s so funny!”

COMEDIAN:  “Funny funny joke about football funny blah blah.”

OBNOXIOUS PERSON #2:  “Oh he’s so right, they would have totally lost the game!”

COMEDIAN:  “Funny joke ha ha ho hum funny joke about having kids.”

OBNOXIOUS PERSON #3:  “Hey, honey, did you e-mail Kristen and tell her we’ll be late tomorrow?”

And on and on it went all night long.  I tried reaaalllllllly hard to ignore them and concentrate on enjoying the show, but I’m the kind of person who just can’t let that kind of thing go unnoticed.  I wish I were, but I’m just not.  So of course it bothered me all night and potentially ruined an otherwise fun evening.

The last straw was when we heard this wonderful group making all sorts of grunting and snuffling noises, and L3 leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Umm, Ken, I think they’re doing cocaine.”  And that’s when I decided I would definitely not be saying anything to ask them to pipe down.  I just imagined myself in the backseat of a police cruiser somewhere.  Or ambulance.  I dunno.

Fantastic.  Stay classy, Philadelphia.  As my mom’s friend always says, “Well, that’s life in the big city.”

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First of all, where’d that way of phrasing things come from?  Who was the first person to ever do that to words?  Was it someone in like, 1622 Jamestown, who was trying to impress some sweet Puritan ladies?  Oh who knows …

Anyway, we have our Midterm tomorrow.  The way they do it here is to call it an “Integrated Exam.”  For our three main courses, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Nursing Management, we have 3 separate exams … all at the same time.  So they give us Scantrons for the 3 exams at 9AM and say, “Ok, go to it — here’s your 3 exams.  Have fun.”  We’re pretty much free to complete them however we want to.  All multiple choice, NCLEX-style.  Should be good times.  Topics on the Midterm to include:

  • Health/Illness Models
  • Immune Deficiencies and HIV/AIDS
  • Care of a Patient with Neutropenia and/or Anaphylaxis
  • Care of a Patient with Anemia, Leukemia, and/or Sickle Cell Disease
  • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
  • Care of a Patient with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease

In other news, I had my first Student Government meeting today.  We juniors (technically I’m a junior again, since it’s a 2-year program) met with the seniors and basically observed what they do.  Gonna take part in one community service event and one fundraiser this Fall.  Maybe I’ll make Mom-Mom’s famous zucchini bread for the bake sale!

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I was elected Recording Secretary of my class today!  No huge feat, because … ummm, well, no one really ran against me.  So technically I wasn’t even elected.  More like, appointed, by default.  My campaign speech/e-mail included the following:

I will make a good Recording Secretary because … blah blah blah … and also, “I have terrific penmanship, so if a bear walks into our lecture and mauls me, the new Recording Secretary will be able to very easily read my minutes.”

No one said my campaign had to be professional.  🙂

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Welcome to Adventures in Nursing School.

I’m a nursing student starting a 2-year BSN/MSN program in Philadelphia, PA, and look forward to posting here about the goings-on of a nursing student.  Expect to hear stories, facts, and other musings about what it’s like to go through nursing school!

Check back often, as I hope to update this blog on an almost daily basis.  Until then, be good.


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