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So, all you nurses out there (ahem, New Nurse Insanity, ahem, ahem) who work nights, help a brother out here …

This week I start working night shift, and will work Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 7PM-7AM each night.  Choose the correct method for acclimating:

A. Stay up tonight until 5AM and then crash all day and be prepared for 7PM shift.

B. Stay up tonight until 11PM and sleep in until Noon tomorrow.

C. Stay up tonight until 11PM, get up at 4AM, do stuff for a while, go to bed again at 10AM and then get up for 7PM shift.

D. None of the above.

I bow down to your all-encompassing knowledge of all things nocturnal.

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Ahhhhhhhhh … done.

So yes, the semester is finally over.  I’ll be writing much more about this over the weekend, but for now … it’s time to sleep for-EV-er.  And ever.  Amen.

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