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So umm, yeah, didn’t really get to that long post I was promising, did I?  Nope.  Life happened, and I’m all set to complete my online final exam tomorrow night after class, so I won’t be posting until Tuesday.  Until then, be good.

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*This is a giant lie.

I have not done any studying yet.  I have sat on my buttocks and done lots of things … odds and ends really:  Checked my e-mail.  Installed new iPhone software.  Drank water.  Ate like, 4 lbs. of fruit.  Outlined my Intro to Nursing presentation that’s supposed to be a 2-minute talk on Why I Wanna Be a Nurse Blah Blah Blah but is turning into a 15-minute PowerPoint Presentation momentarily titled “A Self-Deprecating Timeline of Ken.”  Looked out the window at the beautiful sunshine and wished I was outside riding.  Organized the Pen Drawer in the apothecary chest.  Chatted with E online (for 3 hours … so far).  Plotted my mode of attack for dinner.  Checked Facebook.  Worried that I’m missing something I’m supposed to be doing for tomorrow morning.  Checked the other nursing student blogs for their updates.  Checked my e-mail again.  Sigh.

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I haven’t even started nursing school yet, and already I feel as if I’m behind.  Still haven’t started on any of the DVDs I mentioned in a previous post, but I’m hoping they won’t take too long.  I do have until Wednesday to complete them, so I’m not that far off schedule.  Tonight I plan on getting my weekly schedule straight, planning out my days, and seeing what kind of time I’m going to have for everything.

Leaving reading and assignments ’til the last minute simply won’t cut it here, I have a feeling.  So it’s time to turn over a new leaf, set a course for new behavior, and get this thing started.

That was my somewhat lame attempt at self-motivation.  Let’s see whether it works.  Also, I had a Slurpee today, so I’m mostly happy.

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