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The Poconos and family time for Labor Day Weekend.  Glorious.  Such a great time.  It really is such a special place for me.

However, this meant kind of doing a sort of “half-hearted fast” for the weekend, seeing as most of the food to be had was non-paleo.  I didn’t necessarily go hungry, but I ate a lot of fruit this past weekend.  Some meat when it was around, but it felt good to stay strong and not deviate.

I’ve thought about some sort of goal for these 30 days, and one of them includes trying a brand-new recipe every week (even better, trying 2 or 3).  For this week, I’m going to try the following:


It’d be so very, very nice to eat sandwiches again, so I’ll try making this bread and add some rosemary, thyme, and marjoram to it to see whether I can kick up the flavor a bit.  Wish me luck!

Here’s a pic from lunch today.  Enjoy!

6 fried eggs, fresh salsa, turkey bacon!


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Headed up the Poconos in a few hours, so no posts until probably Tuesday.  Until then, set your eyes upon this feast of epic proportions:

Beef burgers, avocado, broccoli, and turkey bacon!

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Day 1

Today was pretty awesome.

Woke up at a nice hour, worked through my day eating strict paleo (coffee, fruit, turkey bacon, eggs, almonds, avocado), and helped a friend move this afternoon, so I stuck with the “lift heavy things” mantra by which some paleo folks live.  Took a 30-minute core conditioning class led by the amazing Roger.

Dinner was 4 grilled, grass-fed beef burgers with a grilled sweet potato (loaded with olive oil and cinnamon) — photo down below — and then the roommate and I sat outside on our patio and chatted and ruminated while she knitted.  Good day overall!

Tomorrow I’m headed up to Lake Minisink, one of the most special places in all of the Earth (thanks, M & A, for letting me tag along on the car ride).  I’ll be up there until Sunday afternoon, so I’ll post more when I return!  Congrats to Erica, Jenn, Kristie, and Heather (Heather, you around here somewhere?) on Day 1!  You all rock for undergoing this challenging month.  🙂

Paleo Deliciousness for Dinner

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Well, friends, September is almost upon us, and that means it’s time for the 30-Day Ancestral Health Challenge.

I’ve gotten a few questions from some folks who are asking me specifically what this means.  I’ll try to be concise:

  1. It’s definitely not a detox sort of plan.  The goal is to spend 30 days eating strictly paleo (no sugar, grain, legumes, dairy, or processed oils), and let the body adjust gradually to that way of eating.  After 30 days, if I so choose, I’ll start adding in some non-paleo (but still healthy) foods to see how my body reacts.
  2. It’s definitely 30 months of moving!  I’ll be working out pretty hard and playing pretty hard.  The “playing” portion of this might include some leisurely bike rides, long walks through the city with friends/family, or just a Wiffle Ball game in the park (Roger, are you reading this?).
  3. Last, but not least, one might be tempted to call this a “diet,” and yes, it sort of is.  I’d like, however, to call it a lifestyle.  I know that sounds all hippy-ish and new-agey or whatever, but I’ve eaten this way before and I know that my body feels wonderful in doing so.  I sleep better, I have more energy (after my body starts burning fat for energy instead of sugar), and my skin feels healthier.  It’s a lifestyle because I really want it to be.  And this 30 days, I hope, will be a nice kick-start to get me on the right track.

A friend (Hi there, E1!) recently pointed out to me, in the nice way she often does, that I am definitely an “all-or-nothing” kind of person.  I set out to do things, and if one or two little things go wrong, it spells impending doom and it’s the end of my grand plans.  It was a pretty stark reminder of how far I have to go, and I thank her for that.  In any case, though, I cannot wait to get started tomorrow.  I went shopping today, and our fridge, freezer, and pantry are loaded up with paleo deliciousness.  Hopefully I’ll start adding some photos of the yum meals I have in store.

Again, visit my partners in crime by clicking on their links to the right (Jenn Siegel and E-Chopz), and wish us luck!

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Over to the right on this blog you’ll see some new Nutrition Links, one of whom is Robb Wolf, a leading voice in the paleo/primal community.  He recently guest-authored a post on Mark Sisson’s site (Mark’s Daily Apple, also over there to the right) and answered some basic questions about paleo/primal.  It’s a fantastic reminder for me as well as anyone interested in learning more about this way of eating.

Click here for the link and enjoy!

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The last time I posted here, August 10, 2010 (over a year ago), I mentioned I was going on a little hiatus.  A hiatus is usually a very brief delay, but in this case it lasted … over a year.

However, I’m back!  You’ll notice the title of this blog is no longer “Adventures in Nursing School.”  That’s right — I’ve since graduated, passed my boards, and am currently looking for a job, either a) in a NICU (neonatal), or b) in a Community Health setting.

Anyway, since we last talked (or interacted, or saw each other’s comments, or whatever), I’ve become a member of a growing community of fitness/nutrition enthusiasts, and have started researching and trying to understand (key word, trying) the paleo/primal way of living.  As a part of this, one of the people with whom I’ve become friendly is Jenn, and she and I will be holding each other accountable for the month of September, which we are treating as our own personal 30-day Ancestral Health Challenge.

These 30 days will include eating primally and moving primally, and we can’t wait.  I’ll link to Jenn’s blog at some point soon, but in the meantime, keep an eye out for more blog posts to follow.

I’ll be writing more about my job search, living in Philadelphia, and of course, nutrition (maybe even with photos).

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