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Hey all … and the month continues.  Day 22.

So far so great!  I’ve been able to stay the course, and definitely feel fantastic (no bloating anymore, eating delicious food, mental acuity seems to have sharpened a bit in the last week or so).  I’ve been kind of dragging a bit lately in the energy department, so some knowledgeable friends suggested I try adding in a few more sweet potatoes during my week, cutting down a bit on the eggs each day, and see where that takes me.  Maybe give me a nice infusion of carbs that I might be needing.  I haven’t been sleeping the best lately, but I’m hoping that changes with time.

Also … a phone interview!  Yep, my first in a long time.  It went just fine, I think, considering it occurred first thing in the morning (well, for me, at least).  I awoke to my phone vibrating on the nightstand, and seeing a local area code, picked it up, thinking, “Ahh, harmless phone call reminding me of a doctor’s appointment or something like that.”

Nope.  Nurse Recruiter from local hospital asking to talk to me about a position.

Crap.  I’m half-asleep, groggy-voiced, and thinking I’d much rather retreat to a hot shower.  Alas, I think, this could work for me.  Perhaps I’ll come across as smooth or something.  Yeah, right.

Anyway, she didn’t want to schedule me for an interview, as I had thought, but rather interview me right THERE on the phone.  A sort of pre-screening, as it were, I suppose to make sure I wasn’t a bumbling, incoherent wannabe nurse.  Which I hope I wasn’t.

Cut to 10-15 minutes later, after a few interesting questions (“What kinds of diseases do you think you’ll see in this particular unit?”), and I was told, “If the unit wants to interview you after I speak to them, I’ll call you back.”

Mmmhmm, ok.

Well, lucky for me, my Super Suave Morning Croak must have won them over, and I’m scheduled for a real, in-person, I-should-wear-a-nice-suit interview come next week.  I’ll keep y’all posted on how that goes.

As for now … Day 22 it is, gonna finish out this month strong, and continue on the path to good health.


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