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Two days off here, until back to the floor on Thursday, and then the entire 3-day weekend off!  Woo-hoo!

Was thinking about my post from yesterday before falling asleep last night, and then woke up thinking about some of the things I messed up last night.  And I’ll post ’em here, and then, forget about ’em.  Long gone from memory after that — can’t bring my work and mistakes home with me too often:

  • Forgot to put the bed alarm on that one fella after we got him back into bed.  Hope he didn’t try to get up again after that.
  • Forgot to do the Accu-Cheks on 4 patients at 9PM last night, because I was trying to eat dinner and simply … forgot I had to cover that side of the floor.  Hmm … Before I left, I noticed the RNs had taken care of them.
  • Forgot to go back to Room 3 and take his temperature with the digital.
  • Did my first Doppler pressure last night in a guy with a VaD, and didn’t really know what I was doing, and the patient knew it.
  • Left the woman in Room 9 on the commode probably a little longer than I should have, because I was helping another guy into the shower.

But it was fun to watch the old guy sit in the shower chair and let the water fall down onto him, messing up his hair, and how he smiled and kind of sighed, “Ahhh now that’s just what the doctor ordered.”

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