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  1. I used to assume there was no better way to brew a cup of coffee than a percolator (1980s-style Farberware), but now I’m starting to seriously doubt that assumption.
  2. I have a slight obsession with bathrooms.  How they’re built.  What kind of shower heads they have.  The angles of privacy.  It’s all fascinating.
  3. Jack Reacher is pretty much the most badass hero of all the smart thrillers I’ve read.  Six-feet-five, 250 pounds, blue eyes, blond hair, forearms like massive slabs of Virginia ham, smart, resourceful, polite … and Tom Cruise is playing him in the movies.  Tom Cruise!  Worst casting ever.
  4. Autumn is, by far, the best season in the history of the world.  At least on the East Coast.  Spring comes 2nd, followed closely by summer, and bringing up the rear (the far rear) is winter, which has its few moments.
  5. I traveled to Ocean City, MD, last Sunday evening to see a cover band called Mr. Greengenes.  Even after almost 18 years, they never get old.  Such a great rock show.

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Today was the magic day — first clinical.  This is how it was supposed to go down:

  • 12:45PM:  Meet as a group in lobby and head to computer/charting training.
  • 1:00PM-5:30PM:  Go through training on how to chart/document in the hospital.
  • 5:30PM-9:00PM:  Perhaps go to floor of hospital and orient ourselves and maybe see patients.

And this is how it actually went down:

  • 12:45PM:  Meet as a group in lobby and head to computer/charting training.  (OK, so far so good.)
  • 1:00PM:  Arrive at training room and see a room full of other students taking up every available computer.  (Uh-oh.)
  • 1:03PM:  Stand around awkwardly as instructors gather to figure out what’s going on.
  • 1:06PM:  Sit around the periphery as instructors decide that there’s some sort of scheduling snafu.  (Duh.)
  • 1:10PM:  Leave computer room and head back to building where we met.  (Nice sunshine today.)
  • 1:20PM-1:45PM:  Sit at a table and receive brief orientation to instructor’s expectations.
  • 1:45PM-1:50PM:  Walk to hospital.
  • 1:50PM-2:30PM:  Receive very brief tour of the unit we’ll be on.
  • 2:30PM:  Go home.

So yeah, so much for a big 8 hours of clinical my first day.  All in all a fairly disappointing day … but stuff happens, right?  So gotta roll with the punches.  Tomorrow will be a busy day:  4 hours of computer training and then a few hours of seeing our first patients.

The patient-seeing will entail a few things:

  1. Doing a “head-to-toe” assessment:  Basically a very thorough overall assessment of all body systems.  This is where I’ll take my vital signs and ask the patient a million questions and use my senses to assess the patient.
  2. Completing a Nursing Admission Form:  This is where I’ll ask the patient another million questions on a super-thorough form.
  3. Starting to learn how to document document document document document document document.  After that, we’ll document some more.  And then after that’s all said and done, it’ll be time to start documenting.

For the first month or so, I will get one patient to assess and follow.  After I get the hang of assessing my patient and charting everything, they’ll add in more tasks.  The instructor hopes to have us giving meds by the 4th week or so (we’re not allowed to give IV meds, I don’t think — only oral, intramuscular, and subcutaneously).  Also, each of us will have one week where we play the role of “charge nurse” in our little group, in that we’ll help schedule the tasks for our fellow students and basically oversee everything for that week.

I’m pretty nervous about tomorrow, because this will be the first time I’m actually talking to a live patient and performing nursing duties!  I’m ridiculously excited, however.  I know I’m not expected to do everything right at this point, but I’m still hoping I don’t mess up.

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