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Yeah, forgot to mention something about Simulation Day.  After our group went first, we had a lot of time to sit back, observe the other students, and just enjoy the day.  About 2/3 of the way through the simulations, I heard my name being called from near the front of the room.  It was the Director of the Simulation Labs and the Director of Clinical Rotations, and they were pointing at me, asking me to come with them.

“Uh oh,” I thought.  “I must be in trouble.”

Alas, I was not in trouble.  They simply wanted to use me for my freakish limbs.  That’s right, I was, once again, The Guy With the Long Arms.

As part of the simulation, they needed to pretend I had to get into the chair from my bed, and 3 students were in charge of moving me.  I was instructed, “Act as weak as humanly possible.  You just came out of surgery, and you have absolutely zero strength.”

Awesome.  I can do that!

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