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Ahhh yes, Christmas.  Used to be a time when we’d be excited for like, an entire month long, and get up at 4AM to wake up our siblings and see whether Santa had come bearing good tidings and all that.

What’s happened since?

Seems like people everywhere are just … just … cynical and sort of unhappy with the stress it all brings.

Now, before I say more about that, yes … there are definitely tons of great things still going on, lots of peeps happy and whistling and enjoying the true spirit of the holiday.  I see it every day, I do.  I admire the folks who go about this season with nothing but optimism in their voices, with smiles on their faces, and with unrelenting good cheer.  It’s truly awesome to see that.

Maybe it’s just me getting older (33 is a magical number, they say), but there just doesn’t seem to be as much delight in the Christmas air.  Are people really that stressed out by it all?  Your comments are welcome!

Onto other topics.  W pointed out in my previous post that a “Bucket List” is really something you do when you’re about to “kick the bucket,” per se, so I suppose I should re-word that.  I don’t plan on keeling over anytime soon.  I mean, I have like, 3 more semesters of nursing school to finish first!  So perhaps it’s more like a “Christmas Break To-Do List.”  But then that might imply that I have to do these things, which I really don’t.  Oh, I dunno, call it what you will.

And lastly, another thing — I went over to one of the nursing buildings yesterday to have a look at the final exams and see what I got wrong.  While I was there, I got to stop in to another professor’s office and see the feedback the other students had given us on our group presentation on Genetic Counseling.  I have to say, I wasn’t too surprised at the feedback — both positive and negative.  All of the things I worried about as potentially negative were represented by some of the students’ feedback.  And probably with good enough reason.

I have to stop beating myself up over mistakes I make, and here is a prime example.  I worried about some of these things prior to the presentation, but decided to go ahead with them, and got a bit of negative feedback.  So there it is.  Gotta live with the decision, and be okay with that.  It wasn’t anything that really nagged terribly at my conscience, so at least I have that to fall back on.  Most of the feedback was entirely positive, and that made me feel good for myself and for our group.  And we got a great grade on the presentation.  But the perception others have of me will always nag at me somewhere deep inside.  I don’t want to ever disappoint my classmates or friends.

So gotta work on that.

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Today a group of 6 of us presented our role — Genetic Counselor — to the rest of the class during Intro to Nursing.  We performed a skit wherein I portrayed a dimwitted, clueless, arrogant, semi-sexually charged Southern gentleman with his own talk show in the vein of Ali G.

This meant I got to/had to/proceeded to:

  1. Act.
  2. Ham it up.
  3. Take on a Southern accent.
  4. Pretend to hit on a woman in the audience.
  5. Wear a suit with a pink shirt and a pink tie.
  6. Put half a gallon of gel in my hair.

Gawl dang, I do like me some nursing school sometimes!

P.S.  Anyone who knows me realizes that #4 above was definitely not so suave and smooth.

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So today I decided, instead of going out and shrieking in horror at the irrepressible hordes of inconsiderate Black Friday folks starting my Christmas shopping, I would sit inside and get some stuff done that I’ve been meaning to get done (ie, putting little twinkly lights in my fake ficus tree; dusting the tops of the cable box and DVD player; watering the plants; watching the concerts I’ve DVR-ed lately [KT Tunstall is amazing]).  W and E2 are coming over in a few minutes, and we have very lofty plans to … play video games.  E2 is indefatigable and kicks our butts up and down the street in Star Wars: Episode III.  She plays a terrifying Lord Vader.

In other news, had a good day with the Mother and the G-parents yesterday (Hi, Grandma and Grandpa!  Thanks again for dinner!).  Train ride back into the city was much better than the train ride home on Wednesday (where your friendly blogger had to stand from Market East all the way to Ambler before a seat opened up).

Have to give a presentation on what a genetic counselor does for our Intro to Nursing course tomorrow — we have a little something fun cooked up for the class; I’ll let you know how it goes.  So now the big decision for the afternoon is:

  1. Should I play General Grievous or Obi-Wan?
  2. Pizza or Royal Tavern for dinner tonight with W and E2?

Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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