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I’m starting to pick up loads of little things.  Such as … make sure everything is done before proceeding.

Like, when you get a new admission, and the patient’s family is waiting in the lounge to come in and see her when she’s all set up in the room … and you’ve put on all the leads on her and set up her telemetry pack and started her on cardiac monitoring … and you’ve set up her call bell and bedside table … and you’ve gotten her vitals … and you’ve gotten her blood sugar … and you’re pretty sure everything is all set up … and she asks to see her family …

And you go out, with a smile on your face, and say, “She’s all set up and ready to see you!”  And the family looks so happy, and they all start to file in, and you follow them down the hall.

And then you see the nurse about to walk into the room with the foley kit, ready to start her catheter, with a look on her face, like, “Why did you let the family in already?”

Oops.  Forgot about that part.

“Sorry, entire family, please go out to the waiting lounge again.  We’ll be with you shortly.”

My bad.

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Nursing School Quotes #4

STUDENT:  “Oh my gosh, I just gave a bed bath to a dead person!”

INSTRUCTOR:  “That’s ok, she needed a nice bath … her family’s coming.”

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So, this is a situation for all you nurses or nurses-to-be out there …

I had a patient with a family member who “Facebook-friended” me.  This was not for romantic reasons or anything like that, but for other reasons that I won’t identify to protect their privacy.  This was flattering, in that the family thought I was nice enough and a good enough student nurse and wanted to be my Facebook friend; however, this is, of course, a giant conflict of interest.  Even though I am very strict about protecting my patients’ privacy on this blog, and would never identify this patient or his or her family, I still cannot be Facebook friends with my patients or their family members.  A very sweet gesture on their part, though.  I pretty much knew I had to “ignore” the request, and one of my teachers verified that for me when I asked her the next day, but it still feels terrible to ignore someone like that.

So my question for all you nurses — do I somehow try to send a short message to this family member explaining that I can’t be Facebook friends with him or her, but “thank you for the sweet gesture?”  Or do I just not do anything further?  Since this is only my 3rd week on the job, I am still unsure how to proceed.  Anything like this happen with any of you, and if so, what did you do?

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