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Seriously, how long’s it been since I’ve been here?  A week?  And here I was doin’ so well.  Oh well, I guess I’ll go through these little lulls every now and then.

So yes.  How’ve ya been?  I’ve been pretty decent …

Finals were over on Tuesday the 15th.  We took all 3 of them at once.  In actuality, it wasn’t all that bad, since these were not cumulative exams, covering all the material from the midterms on.  However, it was still a lot of information, with the added stress of taking all 3 exams at once.

Let’s see, what else has happened recently?

  • Spent about 8 hours celebrating after the final exam(s) with classmates.  That was a ton of fun.  Started off at a local restaurant/pub, then the party moved on to my apartment, and then moved off to another local favorite.  I think I might have slept 14 hours the following day.
  • Most of my grades are posted, and I’m very happy with them.  As I said before, I kind of pushed my online graduate course to the back burner for most of the semester, and it showed in my grade.  While still happy with the grade, it was my lowest one.
  • Class schedule has been posted for next semester, and it looks great!  January through the end of February looks like Monday-Tuesday 9-5 in class, then I have clinical rotation Wednesday/Thursday 2PM-10PM again.
  • For the first 7 weeks of the semester, I’ll be in telemetry rotation.  For the last 7 weeks of the rotation, I’ll be in OB rotation.
  • They’ve split up the 130 or so students into 2 sections this semester, so some of my close friends I won’t be seeing.  I’m not sure whether this means we’ll be in classes with them still, but just not potentially in rotations.  Not really sure yet.
  • My clinical group is great for telemetry!  All good people, and I’m excited to get to know them better.  Looks like 7 of us.

And oh yeah, we just got 23 inches of snow on Saturday!  SO great when you don’t have to shovel any of it.  W, E2, and L2 met up with me at school, where we didn’t even try to make a snowman, because the snow was too fluffy.  Decided to just go eat instead, and ended up at a favorite place of ours, where W’s classmate, A4, met up with us.  From there we just walked around in the blizzard, attempting to see straight, stay warm, and keep away from W’s shenanigans with the snow.

Poor A4 was totally set up and had her face and neck filled with snow, courtesy of W.  Good times.

So what does this extended break hold in store for me?  Lots of things, I suppose — here’s my Winter Break Bucket List:

  1. Lots of sleepy.
  2. Fix up my bicycle all nice and purty.
  3. Experimenting with making my uncle’s delicious bread (he taught me last week!).
  4. Working.
  5. Lots of Slurpees.
  6. Re-learn how to play the piano.
  7. Study for the HESI.
  8. Watch at least 2 seasons of ER on Netflix.
  9. Find new glasses.
  10. Call Comcast to get me new cables and get rid of the humming in my TV.
  11. Get back into the gym.

Ok, I didn’t say it would be an exciting Bucket List.

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I do believe it’s officially that time of the semester where everyone gets cranky, we’re all tired, and we all feel like we’re just … stuck.  I certainly do.  It’s a time when there are loads of assignments due, gobs of exams to study for, and presentations to give.  We’re all feeling the stress and it’s showing.

Time to take a deep breath and settle in for the next 3 weeks.

I’ve also decided not to blog about my recent patient — it’s just too difficult to try to explain what was going on without violating this person’s privacy.  In any event, it was a very educational 2 days of clinical on Wednesday and Thursday.  I learned a great deal about people.

One funny/disturbing/typical story:

It was near the end of our shift, and we had about 5 minutes until post-conference (where we all meet in the staff lounge and discuss our patients — we’re practicing presenting a patient in case the doctors making rounds need to know from us what’s been happening with our patient).  I should preface the rest of the story by saying that, on our floor, we each have one patient for the duration of our shift, and only one.  Not all of the patients have a student assigned to them.  Anyway, I was standing at the end of the hall doing some last-minute computer charting of my patient, and out of the corner of my eye I see a hard-charging person.  I glance up and it’s the mean, nasty, scowling nurse who gives off bad vibes.  She’s moving quickly, and she looks up to my right, and I notice that the room nearest me has its call bell (white light) blinking, but I don’t hear it ringing.  Normally, the student to whom this room was assigned should have been notified and gone to see what the call bell was.  Of course, it wasn’t a student — it was AngryNurse.

She looks at me and says, with a decided sneer at my uniform, “What … students don’t answer call bells anymore?”  I replied in an even voice, “I’m sorry, I was charting and didn’t even see or hear the call bell for that patient’s room.”  To which she huffed and puffed a bit, and said with disdain, “Well, when I went to nursing school we would go running for every call bell, and wouldn’t be caught dead not answering one.”

Well.  Excuuuuuuuse me (said in a haughty tone).  I really really really really wanted to respond to AngryNurse, but I bit my tongue.  I’ve discovered there are definitely 3 types of nurses on our floor when we’re there:

  1. Awesome Wants to Teach Nurse:  he/she seems to enjoy us being there; doesn’t mind telling us why he/she does things a certain way; says “hello” and “goodbye” to us; is happy that we’re helping them at all with mundane tasks.
  2. Indifferent to the World Nurse:  he/she seems to kind of drift along aside the students, and doesn’t seem to care either way what we do; teaches if it’s a last resort, but prefers to just do things on his/her own and not involve us; says “thanks” when we do something, but doesn’t talk to us otherwise.
  3. AngryNurse:  seems to want to slaughter us and send our bones and tendons and organs to the farthest reaches of the globe and proudly bellows how bitter he/she is to the world and generally makes us want to throw up all over the nurses’ station.

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