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  • 3 exams (Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Nursing Management) on the endocrine system — 9:00-10:15
  • Class from 10:30-12:00
  • Class from 2:30-4:30
  • Colleges Against Cancer meeting 6:00-7:30


  • Class from 9:00-12:00
  • Midterm (Health Assessment) from 1:00-2:15


  • Discussion board posting due for Informatics for Advanced Practice Nurses
  • 250 NCLEX questions due


  • Reproductive module due for pathophysiology


  • Reproductive module due for pharmacology


  • Spring Break!

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The HESI is this coming Friday, and I haven’t started studying for it yet.  For those of you not in nursing, the HESI seems to be some sort of standardized, computerized exam, whereby we are tested on various … uhh, things.

Terrificly vague, right?

We’ve been given some prep questions to study, and were told that our Fundamentals will be absolutely vital on this round of the HESI.  I suppose it’s constructed to gauge where we stand at this point in our careers.  It counts for only 5% of our grade this semester, but we “have” to get an 850 (out of what, who knows?) in order to pass.  Or else?  I’m sure, knowing me, I’ll start Thursday night after clinical.

Woe is he who procrastinates in nursing school.

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Ahhh yes, Christmas.  Used to be a time when we’d be excited for like, an entire month long, and get up at 4AM to wake up our siblings and see whether Santa had come bearing good tidings and all that.

What’s happened since?

Seems like people everywhere are just … just … cynical and sort of unhappy with the stress it all brings.

Now, before I say more about that, yes … there are definitely tons of great things still going on, lots of peeps happy and whistling and enjoying the true spirit of the holiday.  I see it every day, I do.  I admire the folks who go about this season with nothing but optimism in their voices, with smiles on their faces, and with unrelenting good cheer.  It’s truly awesome to see that.

Maybe it’s just me getting older (33 is a magical number, they say), but there just doesn’t seem to be as much delight in the Christmas air.  Are people really that stressed out by it all?  Your comments are welcome!

Onto other topics.  W pointed out in my previous post that a “Bucket List” is really something you do when you’re about to “kick the bucket,” per se, so I suppose I should re-word that.  I don’t plan on keeling over anytime soon.  I mean, I have like, 3 more semesters of nursing school to finish first!  So perhaps it’s more like a “Christmas Break To-Do List.”  But then that might imply that I have to do these things, which I really don’t.  Oh, I dunno, call it what you will.

And lastly, another thing — I went over to one of the nursing buildings yesterday to have a look at the final exams and see what I got wrong.  While I was there, I got to stop in to another professor’s office and see the feedback the other students had given us on our group presentation on Genetic Counseling.  I have to say, I wasn’t too surprised at the feedback — both positive and negative.  All of the things I worried about as potentially negative were represented by some of the students’ feedback.  And probably with good enough reason.

I have to stop beating myself up over mistakes I make, and here is a prime example.  I worried about some of these things prior to the presentation, but decided to go ahead with them, and got a bit of negative feedback.  So there it is.  Gotta live with the decision, and be okay with that.  It wasn’t anything that really nagged terribly at my conscience, so at least I have that to fall back on.  Most of the feedback was entirely positive, and that made me feel good for myself and for our group.  And we got a great grade on the presentation.  But the perception others have of me will always nag at me somewhere deep inside.  I don’t want to ever disappoint my classmates or friends.

So gotta work on that.

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So umm, yeah, didn’t really get to that long post I was promising, did I?  Nope.  Life happened, and I’m all set to complete my online final exam tomorrow night after class, so I won’t be posting until Tuesday.  Until then, be good.

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I Got a D+!

Ok, so it was just a fake NCLEX test, but still.

As part of our Nursing Management class, we’re charged with submitting 250 NCLEX questions.  It’s the first step, I suppose, in getting us ready for the NCLEX after we graduate.  For those of you who don’t know, the NCLEX is the certification exam we take after graduation in order to officially become licensed as a Registered Nurse.  It’s like “the boards” or whatever.

So I started off tonight with 75 questions from the NCLEX4000 computer program.  Results:  52 correct out of 75 questions.

Granted, about 10 of those questions were on topics that we haven’t covered yet, but I counted about 5 that I definitely should have gotten right.  So I suppose that’s a good enough start.  150 more to go before next week.

In other news, tomorrow and Thursday are my last 2 clinical days in Med/Surg!  Unbelievable.  Tomorrow is my day to be the “Team Leader,” I think.  Basically I’m in charge of delegating patients and seeing whether people need help with anything — in other words, I won’t have a lot to do tomorrow.

Wednesday/Thursday clinical days; then Sunday/Monday an online final exam; then Monday/Tuesday last classes; then Thursday Simulation Day in the lab; then December 15 is 3 finals in one day (not cumulative, thank goodness); and then we’re done!

I believe next semester we have 7 weeks of Telemetry, and 7 weeks of OB.  Should be awesome.

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SCENE:  Patient’s room.  Patient is blind.  RN and Student Nurse Kenny are examining the patient’s mouth ulceration.


RN:  Let’s just grab a tongue depressor here.  Ok, open up and stick your tongue out, Patient.

Kenny:  Oh, let me just turn this exam light on so we can see better.

RN:  Good idea.

Kenny (to patient):  I’m sorry, Patient, I know this overhead light is so bright, it’s like the sun … it must be blinding!

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First of all, where’d that way of phrasing things come from?  Who was the first person to ever do that to words?  Was it someone in like, 1622 Jamestown, who was trying to impress some sweet Puritan ladies?  Oh who knows …

Anyway, we have our Midterm tomorrow.  The way they do it here is to call it an “Integrated Exam.”  For our three main courses, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Nursing Management, we have 3 separate exams … all at the same time.  So they give us Scantrons for the 3 exams at 9AM and say, “Ok, go to it — here’s your 3 exams.  Have fun.”  We’re pretty much free to complete them however we want to.  All multiple choice, NCLEX-style.  Should be good times.  Topics on the Midterm to include:

  • Health/Illness Models
  • Immune Deficiencies and HIV/AIDS
  • Care of a Patient with Neutropenia and/or Anaphylaxis
  • Care of a Patient with Anemia, Leukemia, and/or Sickle Cell Disease
  • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
  • Care of a Patient with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease

In other news, I had my first Student Government meeting today.  We juniors (technically I’m a junior again, since it’s a 2-year program) met with the seniors and basically observed what they do.  Gonna take part in one community service event and one fundraiser this Fall.  Maybe I’ll make Mom-Mom’s famous zucchini bread for the bake sale!

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