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So, a question for the nurses (and physicians) out there:

As I’ve been going about my business, inevitably, maybe 30%-40% of the time, a patient will be on some sort of precautions:  MDRO, VRO, Airborne, Droplet, Enteric, etc.  Whenever I go into these rooms, I always gown up, put on gloves, and maybe mask (if indicated).  More often than not, the RN or MD assigned to that patient will do the same … but every now and then an RN or MD will enter the room with, say, only gloves, and comment to me, “Oh, you externs and students, always so proper with the gowning up!”

Now, I realize that, sometimes, the patient might be on unnecessary precautions, or the RN or MD might know something I don’t know (labs, etc.), but the question remains:

Why do some RNs and MDs do this?  Is the risk for spreading any pathogens lower than I’m assuming?

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