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So this week starts the last 6 weeks of the semester, and subsequently, my junior year of nursing school!  Went by so fast, it’s ridiculous.

The next 6 weeks (9 days total) I’ll be spending at a suburban hospital in my Maternity rotation.  That means I’ll be hanging out with laboring women, women who’ve just given birth, and little teensy-eensy babies!

I believe they’re splitting us up into 3 sections in our various days on the floor:  Labor & Delivery, NICU, and Postpartum Care.  I don’t think they have a nursery at this particular hospital, so the newborns are kept with the mother in Postpartum Care.  We’ll be responsible for performing assessments on the new mothers and new babies, and (hopefully) observing a ton of vaginal births and some C-sections.  I’m actually really looking forward to this!

Part of the reason I’m excited is because it’s very much out of my comfort zone.  First, as a man, I’m required to have a “chaperone” with me at all times when I’m with a mother.  I can’t examine or assess her by myself, so another female student will have to be with me whenever that’s happening.  Secondly, I was never very good with babies.  They just usually cry when I hold them.  Some people claim it’s just because I’m tall and have a relatively deep voice, so maybe the babies are frightened.  I’d like to imagine it’s something much weirder — like I emit some strange aroma only babies can detect and it really scares them.

Well, now that I think of it, maybe it’s an aroma only babies and women can detect.  Hehe.

Been very much M.I.A. lately here on AiNS.  Been working very hard as Co-Chair of a local Relay For Life, as part of the American Cancer Society.  It’s a lot of work, and it’s been taking up all my free time, unfortunately.

Hopefully I’ll start posting regularly again.  Maybe nothing long, just small tidbits that people can read quickly.

Hope you’re all well!

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These were the words I used in a recent Facebook status update, prompting some folks to say, “Huh?”  Let me explain.

Tomorrow morning I’m headed back into the OR.  You might remember the last time we tried this.  So tomorrow I’m actually in the main hospital wing and their ORs.  I believe they have 32 operating rooms in there, and they are a Level 1 trauma center, so perhaps I will see something interesting.

J and I were talking on Sunday night, and we agreed that, while it would be awesome to see something spectacularly gory and invasive, I don’t want anyone to die as a result, so we came up with … C-section.  I know it’s no piece of cake, but millions of women come through that with no problem, right?  And combine that with the miracle of life (wow, that’s corny) … and right there I have the Best.  OR.  Observation.  Ever.  However, I report around 6:45, I think … do they schedule C-sections that early?  Let’s hope tomorrow they do.

Cross your fingers for me.

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