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Naaaaaahhhh, just kiddin’.  I wouldn’t do that to you, and add to the plethora of year-end lists already out there.

Just wanted to check in with this ole’ blog and say hello and Happy New Year to y’all.

Thank you to all the readers of Adventures in Nursing School — I plan on keeping this page updated on an (almost) daily basis with more stories from my 2nd semester in nursing school.  This coming semester holds 2 rotations:  7 weeks of med/surg with telemetry, and then 7 weeks of labor/delivery, where I understand I’ll get to witness my first live birth and maybe hold some babies and feed them and figure out why any newborn, upon seeing me for the first time, suddenly gains the ability to run.  Amazing for the child’s development, sure, but terrible for my fragile psyche.  I’m sure I’ll have some stories to tell.

In any event, Happy New Year to everyone, and here’s wishing for an amazing, fun-filled, super-duper healthy 2010.

Be good.

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