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Day 11

So day 11 is upon us.  September 11, as it were.  Ten years ago today I was sent home from work early, and had to wake up my roommate to tell him the news — he worked nights and was already in bed.  We watched TV all day together, we prayed together, and then we watched the world change in a million ways.  Life is short, and hard, and complicated, and worth living in every possible way.

Today’s picture comes courtesy of the NurseKenny Grill, where the following was prepared:

NY Strip Steak + veggie medley


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So, I worked 3PM-11PM again today.  In fact, this is the 3rd day in a 6-day-straight stretch of working 3PM-11PM.  Which is good … gives me a sense of continuity that I think I crave in a strange way.

Around 2:45PM, charge nurse:  “Ken, you’re getting pulled over to another unit to work the floor there.”

I work 3PM-7PM over there … do my thing … meet some new people … get my work done.

Around 7PM, charge nurse:  “Ken, we have a patient in that room over there who needs a 1:1.”

Grrrr …

In fact, 1:1s aren’t all that bad.  You check the patient every 15 minutes, drink some coffee, read a good book, chat up any bystanders, watch the Phillies on TV.  Not all that bad indeed.  But you sorta start to lose your routine and you sorta start to lose your touch and you sorta start to lose your ability to stay awake.  Not to mention, you feel bad watching the other staff rush to and fro getting things done that normally you would be helping with.  Instead, they rush by you as you read that interesting paragraph on p. 43 of your book and sip at your piping hot coffee from Au Bon Pain downstairs that didn’t cost you anything because they were closing and just wanted to give it away!  Woooo free coffee!

Ahhh, did I mention that my 1:1 patient needed the 1:1 because he was 1) attempting to rip out his indwelling catheter, 2) rip out his IV access, 3) take off his sling after having a permanent pacemaker installed (which might result in undoing everything they just did in the OR), and 4) trying to change into his clothes so he could go home?  No, I failed to tell y’all that.

Reason just doesn’t work in that situation, eh?  However, I find that restraints do.  And then he exhausted himself from the restraints and fell asleep within the hour.

And then it was back to my book.

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