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“Is she depressed because of the thyroid condition, or is she depressed because her life’s a mess?”

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Nursing School Quotes #10

“I just don’t like people on insulin drips to be part of the huddled masses.”

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Nursing School Quotes #9

A double-dose for today’s double-disappointing, lame 5 inches of snow:

“When someone says to you, ‘Oh, my patient doesn’t need a bedtime snack,’ you can say, ‘Au contraire! What about Somogyi?’  It gets them every time.”

“I was teaching a diabetes class once, and the people in it were like, ‘Let’s eat cake and see how high our sugar will go!’  I was like, ‘Umm, that’s kinda not why we’re doing this.'”

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Nursing School Quotes #8

“You might as well let your patient go outside and get shot up with something if you don’t wanna take care of his central line.”

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Nursing School Quotes #7

Before we get to the seventh quote in this wonderful, wonderful series, I’m almost feeling somewhat back to normal, and regular posting will commence in the next few days.  So, yay!  Also, my patient farted directly into my face this evening.  That was pleasant.  Now back to your regular programming:

“You walk in on your patient, and his eyeballs are on his cheeks, and there’s white stuff coming out of his nose … he’s pretty sick, isn’t he?”

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Nursing School Quotes #6

“I could spend a whole day in a clean supply closet.”

NOTE:  NurseKenny will return to regular posts soon, once his body destroys the rhinovirus that has taken residence in his … his … whatever it is you call it.  In the meantime, a steady supply of Nursing School Quotes and Medical Facts of the Day is on tap.

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“Sometimes they think we postmenopausal women are just getting fat, slow, and dumb … but no, it’s hypothyroid!”

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